The Group’s core business was re-translated into topics and keywords obtained by expanding the issue’s semantic field. From these search terms, Proxem collected and aggregated tens of thousands of pieces of relevant scientific and economic content related to the Group’s business from the web. This content was semantically analyzed in order to highlight competitors, research laboratories, and the institutional and sectoral stakeholders who play a role in this business activity. Textual data search also helped highlight new uses, emerging technologies, and crucial social themes.


Proxem presented the results of this mapping in a study of about 60 slides along with access to the software, allowing users to explore and visualize the text content collected. The Group regained a handle on information about its core business by seeing the big picture. Specifically, the study made it possible to identify mass markets with development potential around the world, growing needs in the medical sector, and emerging technologies in the transportation field.

Better control of growth opportunities
Reduction of risks associated with the emergence of disruptive technologies