Through its web content discovery module, Proxem collected tens of thousands of consumer opinions about ready-to-wear items from the web (blogs, forums, media, etc.) and from social media. Proxem then organized this content to identify and prioritize the brands, styles of clothing, assortment levels, and even colors and materials mentioned by people online. This work served as basis for a comparative study, a community analysis, and a selection of relevant insights.


By fully mining the wealth of data collected by Proxem, the Group was able to:
– diagnose insufficient differentiation of its labels that were especially valued for their price;
– highlight new segmentations that were closer to consumer reality;
– identify which brands were its real competitors for each of its labels;
– identify opinion leaders able to influence their community in the long term.

Reposition one of the brands on a more premium segment
Identify insights for one of its brands' next communication campaign