Cap Digital interview

Present your position and your main missions at Cap Digital.

I’m Léonard Pommereau, I’ve been R&D Project Manager for three years at Cap Digital. My main mission consists of helping companies bring to life their innovative projects through public grants. I identify the most relevant financing mechanism for our members to help them finance their R&D projects, help them to structure it, and maximize their chances of being financed through the Cap Digital label which is only awarded to the best projects.

Could you present Cap Digital?

Cap Digital, is a Pole of Competitiveness created in 2006 and is the largest digital innovators collective in Europe, as well as the organizers of events such as Futur.e.s (ex-Futur in Seine), Innovation and the Digital Ecology festival, and EdFab, the factory of new digital training.

With over 1000 members and our expert network, Cap Digital brings together all the actors of the digital economy and makes them work together to create their vision, their prototypes, their projects, their technologies and their services.

What is the Innov’up Proto project?

Innov’up is a range of regional projects, financed by the Île-de-France Region with whom we are partners. Its goal is to support innovative companies in the transition from an idea to a commercialized offer, through different financial assistance schemes. Innov’up Proto is part of this range and allows the most promising companies to develop excellent prototypes that will be presented at public events in the Paris region, such as the Futur.e.s festival in Paris. This is the emblematic meeting place of the French digital innovation sector, bringing together professionals and the public every year in workshops and conferences.

For the 2018 edition, the Call for Projects was launched at the end of May, 2017, with two themes: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The selected companies had eight months to finalize the development of their prototypes from October, 2017. Proxem (a member for almost ten years of the Cap Digital competitiveness pole) was selected by the IDF Region to present its prototype, from the 21st to the 23rd of June, 2018, at the Grande Halle of La Villette (Paris 20th district) during the ninth edition of the Futur.e.s festival in Paris.

More information about the Innov’up Proto device.

How did Proxem develop its propotype with Cap Digital?

Proxem was selected out of sixteen laureates to present its ChatBot Studio, financed by the IDF Region thanks to the Innov’up Proto device.

From October, 2017, to June, 2018, Proxem’s team was accompanied by Cap Digital. We work with Thomas Cohu (Product & Marketing Director) and Elisa Piccinini (Infolinguist Project Manager) from Proxem to develop an ambitious project over eight months. The Cap Digital and Futur.e.s teams also accompanied Proxem in the communication around the new offer, including teasing throughout the development of the prototype. The goal being that visitors would already be aware of the prototype and the teams they could meet during the festival.

The project was very ambitious and we quickly realized that the prototype could be useful at all of our festivals, so we wanted to make the ChatBot Studio the official chabot of Futur.e.s in Paris 2018 and we named it Adata. Its role was to inform visitors about the festival’s programs, schedules (“What is the program of festival?”, “Are there food stands on site?”, etc.). Being a bot developed on the Messenger application, a Facebook page had been created for Adata.

Source: extract from the Messenger application, Adata page

ChatBot Studio: expertise and benefits of the solution

ChatBot Studio, launched in June, 2018, allows Proxem’s customers to create their own chatbot and be completely autonomous to generate its settings. ChatBot Studio benefits from Proxem’s linguistic expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), which comes from more than 20 years of Research & Developement, coupled with a conversational module totally integrated to the Proxem Studio suite allowing users to easily create an intelligent chatbot.

The ChatBot Studio completes Proxem’s “Virtual Agent” offer, helping to improve Customer Experience and optimize business processes. Proxem Studio has become the best solution on the market for the analysis of emails, automated legal assistants, or HR and Customer Relation chatbots.

Find the Proxem Press Release, on its presence to the festival and also the Cap Digital article on the Proxem’s ChatBot Studio.

Some figures from the 2018 edition of the festival Futur.e.s in Paris?

Futur.e.s 2018 it’s:

  • Three days of festival at La Villette
  • Close to 12,500 visitors
  • More than 4,000 professionals
  • 200 children, it’s in the DNA of the Futur.e.s festival which is still a festival for the public and also for professionals
  • Loads of events in 2018: there were close to 22,500 visitors all over the Ile-de-France.

Infographic of the Futur.e.s 2018 review

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